Our Ministries


We, the youth group ministry of Chattanooga Christian Assembly took on the name New Creation in 2004. Our name is based on the verse from 2 Corinthians 5:17.”  Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!” As a youth group we strive to be ambassadors of Christ in our church and communities.

Each year New Creation has a motto to live by. This year our Motto is ” Teach me, mold me, use me” Our theme is based on the verse from Isaiah 64:8. “And yet, O Lord, you are our Father. We are the clay, and you are the potter. We are all formed by your hand.”

This year our goal is for God to use New Creation to impact one another. We can learn from each other’s mistakes as well as bring a different outlook when someone might be struggling.  Each struggle and situation that we go through will develop our testimony as well bring glory to God. God is molding us makes us stronger, confident, and most importantly to reflect His light to those around us as well as showing love in action around the world.

Our youth ministry consists of several dedicated teams that prepare and enable us to preach the gospel. From Sunday school, Wednesday night Bible studies, VBS, youth meetings to outreaches as well many different fellowship events. We are blessed with a strong leadership team that guides the vision along with teams that help effectively spread the message:

  1. Sunday School
  2. Missions Ministry
  3. Praise and Worship
  4. Scribblers
  5. Stonehouse
  6. Wednesday Night Bible study



The mission of CCA’s Sunday School is to educate students in the word of God to strengthen faith in Christ, help them to grow in grace and knowledge of Him, and lead them to develop an intimate relationship with God, which will be evident through obedience to His commands.

New Creation Sunday School is a very important part of a child’s development here at CCA.  We believe that not only should learning be fun, but we believe in getting into the deeper word of God so we all understand why we believe, what we believe, and also learn about the great things God has in store for us.  Classes start from ages 3 to adults.

Currently we are divided into 6 classes:

  • Pre-School: Ages 3-5
  • Primary: Kindergarten-Grade 2
  • Elementary:  Grades 3-5
  • Pre-Teen: Grades 6-8
  • High School: Grades 9-12
  • Young Adult: College and above
  • Adult (Malayalam)

What to Expect

Sunday school starts at 9:30am.  All of the students gather together every Sunday morning in the Fellowship Hall where you will hear from our youth leader (or their leadership team) announcements for the week, a small word of encouragement, and then prayer.  From there, the children will be dismissed to their respective classes.  Classes end at 10:25am just in time to get to your seats for the main service starting at 10:30am

We utilize Gospel Publishing House as our primary curriculum from Pre-School-Pre-Teens.  High School and the Young Adult class dive deeper into the word of God. Topics are driven by student/teacher interest.


Participants: Young married couples and individuals who are planning to get married in the near future

Bridge Ministry is designed to help “younger” married couples and individuals of marriageable age to fellowship, support, and learn from each other. This ministry often involves valuable open discussions and suggestions about various relevant subjects along with different activities that cater to building a solid relationship between each other in a marriage as well as building Christian relationships with other couples. Bridge ministry will play a significant role in building successful marriages through understanding what the Bible states about a healthy marriage and it helps in enabling couples to practically apply the biblical principles in their daily walk. This is a constant learning, molding and building ministry with a purpose of creating an environment for healthy, Christian marriages and stronger relationships with others.

Another motivation behind creating Bridge Ministry was to help bridge the “generation-gap” between the older and the younger generation at Chattanooga Christian Assembly thus enhancing the unity of the church. Research indicates that most young couples and singles of marriageable age feel neglected at church, however, the Bridge Ministry has helped cater to the needs of this important demographic by bringing in a sense of ownership and finding ways to develop their potential for the kingdom of God. This is essential for a vibrant and growing church. By facilitating an avenue to come together, fellowship and bounce off each other’s ideas, this ministry helps its participants build strong relationships which is a key to the success of any church or community.


Wednesday Nights

Wednesday is the day in the middle of the week where we come to receive a renewal in strength for the rest of the week.  The different age groups have various Bible lessons.  The young children learn the basic stories to build up their foundation through activities and songs.  The youth meet together for a time of praise and worship and then disperse to their respected classes. For the teenagers, the classes are split into girls and guys are taught life values and discuss social that they may face in high school and college. Also the older “youth” have an in depth study of individual books of the Bible. Also the parents or Malayalam Bible study takes place in sanctuary.  All are welcome to learn how to, have a deeper walk and relationship with God.

Stone House

New Creation, was given the vision to create an atmosphere in the Chattanooga area for the up building of many. Much of today’s population live in rejection and hopelessness. Stone House was founded to offer hope to such people letting them encounter Jesus Christ who finds value in their life for He Himself breathed it into existence with purpose and intention. The first Stone House service was held at Chattanooga Christian Assembly on May 4th, 2007. The same vision is carried on today through Stone House as many through the Chattanooga and Cleveland area come and encounter Christ, who has chosen them and finds them to be precious. Through worship, drama, and the teaching of the Word, Stone House serves as a catalyst in people walking in their identity as a holy priesthood and in the offering of their spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Christ as our response to God choosing us when we were rejected and unlovable.  Stone House meets Wednesday nights at 7pm and is intended to be in a more casual laid back get together.

Vision Statement:

Build Strong, Live Strong, Serve Strong

Seeking to invigorate a generation hungry for the Lord
Touching lives through the love of Jesus Christ
Opening the eyes and hearts of a people blinded by society and its temptations
Never rejecting but always uplifting every individual as spiritual stones
Effectively growing together as a spiritual house built for eternity
Hearing the voice of God and crying out for an unbelieving world
Offering forgiveness through Christ Jesus
Utilizing the various resources in the community to build strong the body of Christ
Serving strong the forgotten, broken, and lost
Exalting the name of God as living sacrifices existing in unity & answering the call to Mission


It is an extended ministry of Chattanooga Christian Assembly. It is made up of men and women of our church from ages 45 and above. We meet quarterly for fun, fellowship, and prayer.