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Devotion A 7-day diet for your tongue

Dressed ... I'm Dressed... 

Please forgive me, as this may seem heresy to some to adjust the recently infamous song BLESSED....but in this devotion, I just want to point out something. Everyday, when we wake up, and leave to go to work, church, etc., we remember to do one thing....WE CLOTHE OURSELVES!! Now I know I cannot get away with going to work or church in dirty clothes....read more.


Watch your Language 

I have noticed that a lot of folks among us have a problem with not just bad language, but also negative language.It is important that we watch our words and our language and start putting things in place words filled with life. Every day I'm going to send you guys a verse from the Bible for the next 7 days to help you watch your words. Please click.

Wages of Man

The term "wages" used for payment for services rendered. The Bible refers to several kinds of wages and I thought I will bring it to your attention. To read more Please click.


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